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People can create a profile at artists.lk, similar to face book, and display their work Each profile contains. Such as,

A portfolio With video, audio, graphics, etc…

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Available job openings (if the profile is a company)
  • Twitter link, face book link, YouTube link, linked in, etc…

Companies or agencies can post jobs, requirements on the site and also directly approach the talented individuals by visiting the website profile of artists.lk

Each company or personal profile will have a unique Uniform resource locator (URL) for the profile which can be used as personnel webpage of the company of that individual.

E.g. Www.artists.lk/companyname or www.artists.lk/yourname

And also this site will also have section to display:

Art (sector) related events and function, ( almost every day art events & Other Interesting Events are

  • advertised on news papers)
  • Art learning courses
  • Art / talent connected news

 -conditions apply-

Create a free portfolio and get your work in front of leading companies, creatives and potential collaborators. Search other portfolios for inspiration. Artists.lk
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